Abili Switch Manual

Welcome to the Abilitare family, we hope you enjoy the Abilitare experience!

This manual serves as a guide for setting up your new Abili Switch.

In The Box

The Abili Switch (x1)

Charging cable (x1)

Bluetooth 5.0 adapter (x1) (added as a free gift with this purchase)

Note: Once your Abili Switch is unboxed, please charge it for at least 2 hours before the first use.


Once fully charged, the Abili Switch is able to remain connected for up to 12 hours. The device will take about 3 hours to charge completely when the battery is depleted to zero. 

  • Remove the cap on the charging port for charging

  • A red LED: The Abili Switch is currently charging

  • A green LED: The Abili Switch is fully charged

Using your Abili Switch

You can place the device at any location as per your convenience and use it in variety of ways - with your fist, using your feet or elbows. It has a super low activation force to relieve stress on your muscles. It's like feather touch!

Bluetooth Setup

  • The Abili Switch supports a connection via Bluetooth 5.0. 

    Turn Bluetooth on in your device settings. 

    Turn the Abili Switch on, ensure the green LED and orange blinking LED are on. 

    Green LED: Abili Switch is turned ON. 

    Orange LED Blinking: Abili Switch is ready to connect.

    Find the Abili Switch listed in your Bluetooth settings and select it. Your Abili Switch should now be paired to your device. 

    Once paired, the clicks on the switch should start working on your computer.

    Note: In case your computer does not have Bluetooth or has Bluetooth 4.0 or lower, please use the Bluetooth 5.0 adapter provided with the Abilitare box as a free gift with this purchase.

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  • Connection issues

    The Abili Switch operates by connecting to your computer/phone via Bluetooth.

    If you are having issues with switch performance or connectivity, turn off your smart device and restart it. 

    If the problem is still recurring after restarting the device, remove the Abili Switch from the paired devices in Bluetooth settings and pair again. 

    1) Bluetooth settings

    2) Abili Switch > Remove Device

    3) Pair new Bluetooth device > Abili Switch

  • Charging issues

    If your device is not charging or displaying a red LED when charging, try swapping out your charging adapter and cable. 

    If the issue persists even with different chargers and cables, please let us know.

    A green LED near charging port indicates full charge.

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If issues still persist, please email us at support@abilitare.com or chat with us on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/AbilitareInc


Do not wear/use Abili Switch while it is charging

Avoid wet surfaces and water. Avoid using unless in a completely dry environment.

Abili Switch is not intended as a medical device or for life support, emergency use or any other use in which failure or malfunction of the product may result in death or serious injury or harm.