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  • Abili Mouse - Abilitare
  • Abili Mouse - Abilitare
  • Abili Mouse - Abilitare
  • Abili Mouse - Abilitare
  • Abili Mouse - Abilitare
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Abili Mouse

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Head Controlled Mouse

Control your computer hands-free! Wear the Abili Mouse to control the mouse cursor using your head. Simply, look up to move the mouse cursor up, look down to move it down or look left and right to move it sideways.

Abili Mouse connects via Bluetooth and uses motion sensors to make the mouse cursor follow your head! To wear it on your head, either attach it to your cap or headphones or use the headband included in the package.

Mouse click using either the free Abili Toolbar, Abili Switch. You can also use other adaptive switches or dwell toolbar provided by your operating system.

Abili Mouse supports all computer platforms like Windows, MacOS and Linux.

In the package

  • 1 Abili Mouse
  • 1 Headband
  • 1 Charging Cable


Designed with ❤️ by Abilitare!

    • unmatched pointer accuracy

      Unmatched Accuracy

      Advanced motion sensors provide pinpoint precision to give you the ultimate headmouse experience.

    • Long battery life of headmouse

      Long Battery Life

      A massive 450mAh battery means you don't have to recharge for the entire day.

    • bluetooth wireless technology for headmouse


      Say goodbye to messy wires! All Abili products use Bluetooth 5.0 for a lightning fast connection.

    • versatile


      The Abili Mouse can be attached to your favorite cap or headphone or to the headband included in the box.